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Specialized coverage for the Transport Industry

Our experience with companies in the sector allows us to know in detail the best practices and coverage. With a sector in constant evolution, we are up to date with new problems and regulations, adapting and evolving solutions at all times.

Freight insurance

This type of insurance covers possible damage or loss of goods as a result of their movement. This would include purchases, sales or movements between owned warehouses.

At ABK, we offer you the best advice and a comprehensive service in freight transport insurance (land, sea or air) for your company. We help you obtain maximum protection and profitability.

Obligatory civil liability insurance for transport companies and /or freight forwarders

Transport agreements require a minimum compensation to clients affected by the contracting of merchandise movement, based on kgr . transported. The aforementioned risk is commonly transferred to specialized Civil Liability coverage, which normally acts against claims from Transport Insurance Insurers.

Therefore, the Transport insurance and the RC of the transport should be contracted with the same insurer to avoid complicated recovery processes.

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