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Accidental and Malicious Product Contamination

Our food safety division has been advising on risk management and contracting specialized accidental product contamination insurance for more than 20 years .

During these years we have identified major deficiencies in the market, and we continue to see cases of healthy and solvent companies, which, involved in cases of accidental product contamination, have had to restructure or close the business due to not being able to deal with the incident.

Worst of all, most of them thought they were covered by their RC insurance, or by an accidental contamination insurance for a poorly planned product.

Accidental product contamination insurance

ABK is the undisputed leader in this insurance, which covers the deterioration of the operating account quantifiable as a decrease in sales or an increase in costs caused by the accidental contamination of the product or its malicious manipulation. This would include costs for inspection, removal, destruction and replacement of the insured product.

It also contemplates the reduction in the net profit suffered by the insured as a result of the interruption of the business or due to a decrease in sales, as well as the extraordinary expenses to return to reaching the previous level of sales recorded before the accidental contamination or malicious manipulation.

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