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Credit risk specialists.
Transport and fleet insurance.
Transport and Fleets
Insurance for the food industry.
Accidental and Malicious Product Contamination.
Insurance for promoters and construction

ABK Risks and Insurance: your insurance brokerage for companies


the know how and the experience of our team allow us to offer an optimal service


We build relationships based on trust, working face to face with our clients

We work to assist companies with exclusive dedication and tailored to their needs. We place the client at the center of any strategy to achieve the best results.

ABK Risks and Insurance offers its clients advice and 360º follow-up with regard to risk management, combining the understanding of business risks with practical activity in insurance management.

Thanks to the experience and technical knowledge of team, we have the ability to study in detail the needs of each company to offer you the best solutions and help you boost your business.


As a result of the history of ABK and the reputation of our company, as well as the financial strength and professionalism of our team, we have an unbeatable relationship with insurance companies.


Credit insurance: our solutions

We offer different types of insurance for companies, and we are specialists in commercial credit risk.