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Organitzation model

ABK is owned by its partners and each insured client is the responsibility of one of these managing partners, who acts as an interlocutor and coordinates the different departments.

The partner in charge of the client is a highly qualified professional responsible both for negotiating with insurers in the underwriting process, as well as for claims management and the entire resolution process. Availability 24 hours / 365 days, our model puts the customer at the center of the equation.

ABK’s partner must not give internal explanations to corporate macrostructures as occurs in other listed organizations or with large pyramidal structures, where is the investor who is at the center, not the client.

Our team has fully aligned interests to focus all efforts on serving insured clients, acting as the true ” Bosses “ in our organization.

Relationship with the insurance market

Unbeatable relationship with the insurance market as a result of more than 30 years of experience. The market values our great professionalism and long-term vision, thanks to which we are able to achieve the best possible conditions in a sustained manner over time.

We have access to the entire global insurance market.

Claims resolutions

The claims management model itself has become a very important piece.

At ABK we givr special importance to the satisfactory resolution of claims, which is why we have developed our own system in which we involve our experts, engineers and lawyers, in order to obtain maximum compensation for our policyholders.