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Coverage for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Operations

Local leaders in claims and guarantees insurance and risk audits for M&A transactions.

Warranty and indemnity insurance

Representations and guarantees insurance is a very useful instrument in company sales contracts.

What is Warranty and indemnity insurance for?

Also known as W&I insurance, this insurance covers the buyers of a company against the sellers, from possible fiscal contingencies, previous unfinished litigation, lack of intellectual property rights or responsibilities of previously sold products, among others.

Insurance for M&A operations (mergers and acquisitions) is a great alternative to guarantees, which are traditionally negotiated by the parties to ensure compliance with their indemnity obligations, under the purchase agreement, a point that usually causes conflicts in the negotiation and that can be solved with this interesting insurance product.

Risk due diligence for mergers and acquisitions operations.

We offer you comprehensive support in your merger and acquisition operations through a due diligence specific in risks and insurance, an exhaustive audit whose objective is to determine if the company that you want to acquire complies with its obligations with diligence and has the necessary coverage so that the smooth running and survival of the company is assured.

ABK specialists study the contracted policies and identify coverage deficiencies that may exist, review their costs and offer as output all existing improvements and optimizations in the field of insurance and risk management.

On many occasions , we achieve significant savings with a direct impact on the operating account of the company studied.

More than 15 years of experience assisting in M&A operations

We have participated in more than 10 of Spanish Top M&A transactions in recent years

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