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Feasibility and management studies for self-insurance programs with captives

The ABK was pioneer in introducing reinsurance captives and ART (Alternative Risk Transfer) programs more than 15 years ago, and today we are one of the most expert national teams in the field.

Based on the Risk Map studies, we design the insurance program to retain in a Reinsurance Captive, including:

  • Comparative domiciles subsidiary reinsurance.
  • Bouquets to include.
  • Optimization and setting of limits and franchises.
  • Premium to be transferred by branches.
  • 10-year financial forecast captive subsidiary of Reinsurance.

We take care of the entire process of feasibility study, creation of the self-insurance program, legal assistance and activation and management of the program.

In addition to achieving great savings for your company, we are able to create a new profit center with cross-insurance products.

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