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Coverage for Real Estate Development and Construction.

Real estate development and construction insurances are essential to protect your company from possible damages caused in works and constructions.

The ABK team is responsible for protecting your company from start to finish, so we will also advise you on your damage insurance. Essential to protect your assets and guarantee the future of the company against possible adverse events.

Construction all risk insurance

ABK is a specialist in all types of insurance for the real estate sector. In the execution phase of the work, it is essential to have all-risk damage insurance, the all-risk construction. Through this policy, your company will be covered for all material damage that may occur in construction or work interventions (or integral reforms), associated with both pre-existing properties and the executed part of the new investment.

Contructor and Developer Civil Liabilities Insurances

The construction process is complex from a technical and legal point of view, with clear implications in terms of responsibilities. Those involved in the construction process, including technicians, are risk factors within the industrialized society, and require civil liability insurance adapted to their needs as an instrument to protect their assets against third party claims.

Decennial Civil Liability Insurance

Decennial CL insurance covers the civil liability for developers against buyers in the real estate sector for defects in the work for a period of 10 years. This insurance is mandatory by law and a home cannot be registered without it. We offer you a totally personalized attention to advise you on everything you need and provide you with the best solution.

Suerty in front the administration

Surety insurance for public administrations are necessary instruments when contracting with this type of entity, since the administration requires the presentation of bank guarantees or surety insurance that guarantee compliance with the obligations contracted by those individuals or legal entities that bid. Or contract with her. We offer you the solution you need in your contracts with the administration.


In the guarantee insurance of advance amounts, the policyholder is the natural or legal person who carries out a housing development and the insured are the buyers of said homes. In this case, the insurance determines that the amounts that the buyers are going to deliver to the promoters prior to the delivery of the homes, will be returned to them in the event that the construction is not carried out, or if the construction is carried out in terms other than those agreed in the contract.

The LOE establishes as mandatory , for individuals and legal entities that promote the construction of all kinds of housing and obtain from the purchasers deliveries of money for its construction.

Property Insurance

Once the work or construction is finished, our specialist team is in charge of obtaining the best damage coverage for your industrial land, warehouses, factories, buildings, offices or communities. In this way, we accompany you throughout the cycle so that your company is fully protected against possible adverse events that any real estate product can face on a daily basis.

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