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Risk and insurance audits and due diligences

Thanks to our proven experience and our team of top-level consultants, we managed to generate a direct positive impact for your company after the audits carried out.

We conduct an exhaustive audit of all insurance policies and risk management processes of your company, guaranteeing that the necessary and/or legal coverage is available.

In the due diligence process,

we place special emphasis on:
  • Insured capital adjustments.
  • Coverage analysis.
  • Accident and frequency analysis.
  • In credit risk policies we analyze the % of coverage on requested vs. authorized buyers.

We offer as output:

  • Opinion Report.
  • Proposal for improvements and indicative pre-quotes, if applicable.
  • Strategic guidelines for the preparation or improvement of the risk management process.
  • In commercial credit insurance policies, we offer a highly valued service: analysis of the client portfolio to confirm coverage. Or if there is not enough coverage, we carry out an individualized analysis of the buyer, providing a credit report and rating signed by our specialized company “Credit Risk Classification Group ”.

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