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Resolution of complex claims and recoveries

The resolution of claims and recovery management is one of our pillars and will always be led by one of our consulting partners, guaranteeing the best care and the best results for your company.

At ABK we have developed our own claims management service in which we involve experts, engineers and lawyers, in order to obtain the maximum compensation possible.

On the one hand, by dealing with the utmost diligence and professionalism in the resolution of claims, we are able to find all the parties involved in the claim and duly transfer responsibilities between them.

On the other hand,we realign interests towards the client. Some insurers use their own experts (or cabinets in theory independent, but in practice they are paid by insurers), therefore, they defend the interest of the insurer and are encouraged to systematically underpay or exclude claims based on ambiguities such as the case “theft vs robbery” or “employee infidelity”, or activating ambiguous exclusions such as “design error” or “lack of maintenance” among many other examples.

We also have a company within the group specialized in collection management: Elsecredit.

In addition to achieving better compensation and claim payments, with the claim resolution and own collection management model, we managed to maintain a very low frequency and claims rate compared to the average, which ends up having a positive impact on lower premium payments sustained over time.

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